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7 Great Reasons to Choose 6th Sense

1. Understandable
"I visited a $35,000 prospect. He told me, 'Your proposal sure made it easier to understand what you're offering and it's the clearest, cleanest proposal I've ever seen.' 6th Sense definitely helped me get the account. Oh, I was $4,000 higher, too!"
Brenda Johnson
Johnson, Moorman & Russell
Ft. Smith, Arkansas
2. Client Confidence
"I'm really pleased. 6th Sense gains client confidence right away. Before, I used another popular proposal and handed my prospects 38 pages and said 'let's go to the last page where the price is.' The prospect may or may not have read the proposal after I left. Now, we start at the beginning and the prospect and I go step by step through the proposal. 6th Sense has really urged my prospects to read the entire proposal."
Phil Bartlett
Assurance Insurance
Sealy, Texas
"6th Sense is VERY, VERY impressive. Very easy to use. Very easy to understand. That's why we're VERY pleased. And, when we need support, we get it!"
Lori Chaput
Berry Insurance
Franklin, Massachuetts
"My closing ratio is usually 20-30%. Since I started using 6th Sense Proposals, I've written 18 out of the 21 accounts I've quoted. While price and selling skills count, 6th Sense stood out like a lighthouse in the dark. It really set me apart from the competition and raised my buyer's expectations. I asked the 6th people to keep 6th Sense a secret in my marketing area!"
Mike Carroll
Carroll Insurance
Maumee, Ohio
"My prospect was amazed that my proposal actually urged him to read it. I think, for the first time, he really got an understanding of what insurance is and what we do. It's great for me too, because things now get done in a proposal that used to just get glossed over. I can't wait to present more 6th Sense Proposals."
Bob Hoffman
ISU/Hoffman Insurance Services
Wellesley, Massachuetts
Easy to Read
"I just printed my first 6th Sense Proposal and I've never seen insurance so well expressed and easy to read and understand!"
Steve Whitten
Whitten Insurance
Duncan, Oklahoma
"The prospects I showed 6th Sense to loved it. They said it put things so easily. It made insurance black and white. This proposal system will be very profitable for us. It's money well spent."
Kent Orrell
Resource Insurance
Bossier City, Louisiana

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