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6th Sense blows away the competition!

Non Sense Proposals 6th Sense Proposals
Information, not knowledge driven Visually driven for immediate processing and understanding
Difficult to read, technical insurance language Human friendly language
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Creates misunderstanding People fear what they don't understand. 6th Sense creates understanding
Leaves blanks in the buyers minds Download a demo
Delete your name and it could be any agency proposal You've started to create value because you are diferent and stand out like a lighthouse in the dark
List of coverage templates and process maps showing how you do business
Created to be agency friendly Built to be client friendly
Price driven Promotes last opportunity to provide a (revised) proposal (or presentation)
Not E&O friendly Creates a "bedside manner" because 6th Sense urges buyer to read and ask questions. Involving your reader promotes trust. If it's read. Questions = involvement. When reader involved they sell themselves.
Non-Sense proposal does not include explanations for how you do business Educates about insurance and how you process business through agency process maps

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Download free samples and a demo - See how easy it is to build a 6th Sense Proposal

Also included with 6th Sense Proposals

"Maps" how you receive and analyze quotes. (Map means picture) Your service team map
Map showing why shpping the market does not work Types of pretection you offer to help clients
Map how you settle claims Your service differences
Map on how you choose insurance companies Why prospect should change agents.
E & O Protection Pages - Easy to understand "no coverage" sign off