6th Sense Proposals
In-Depth Analysis
Why 6th Sense?

An In-Depth Look Into Our Proposals...

This is the header. You may include your logo, or better yet your prospect's or client's logo on each page.
When you look at this section, you'll notice an image on the left. Images are placed on the left throughout the Proposal, because we read left to right. Because most of us process visually, images should be the first thing our eyes see.
As you continue reading left to right you see a specific term which you can quickly scan. Continuing to the right, the term is defined in easy-to-read, understandable language. This three-part 6th Sense Proposal format is organized to be skimmed, scanned or read. And, 6th Sense appeals to all personality types.
Green is the universal color for money. This section deals with money issues including limits and deductibles and type of coverage.
Yellow is the universal color for caution. It highlights policy requirements, potential warnings about coverage, claims examples.
Red, the universal color for danger, highlights major limitations and exclusions for each coverage you propose.

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