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The Idealogy Behind 6th Sense Proposals...

What is 6th Sense?

6th Sense is the intuitive perception that you understand. It's the Ahha! feeling about insurance, for maybe the first time!

Why 6th Sense Works...

With 6th Sense, you empower the buyer to:

  • Feel good because they understand.
  • Know the difference between what they're looking at now, compared to all the other proposals they've seen before.
  • Believe you bring untold value in insurance
  • Educate themselves
  • Make an intelligent financial decision

High impact graphics

People process information 75 to 80% visually. Studies prove visual recall is almost perfect.

  • Presentations that use visual support are 43% more persuasive
  • Visuals help understand abstract concepts
  • Insurance is THE MOST abstract concept
  • Complex data can be organized and reduced to make a point more clearly and consicely
  • Visuals maintain interest and increase retention
  • Visuals engage the mind and emotions whereas data driven is rarely read and even barely skimmed

In his book, You've Got to Be Believed to Be Heard (St. Martin's press, New York, 1992), Bert Decker offers this about the power of visuals:

  • Retention increases from 14% to 38% when listeners see as well as hear
  • A speaker's goals are met 34% more often when the listeners see as well as hear
  • A concept can be presented in up to 40% less time with the use of visuals

After one and ½ days of seeing pictures, subjects tested were shown the same and other pictures again. They correctly picked out 85 to 95% of the same visuals correctly.

How many of you have said "I remember your face, but I forgot your name?"

  • Einstein thought in pictures
  • Frank Lloyd Wright saw the houses before he drew them
  • Sir Isaac Newton viewed the World through mind pictures
  • Lord Kelvin saw the mirror he was about to invent

Visualize, don't verbalize


There are more than 800,000 words in the English language. We use 800 daily. Those 800 have 14,000 different meanings. That means the words we use each day average 17 meanings apiece. Use the right graphics to present and you greatly increase understanding.

Your brain tells you; "If I can't draw it, I can't see it. If I can't see it I can't understand it." Your task, then, is to draw pictures your buyers can see so they can understand.


The right colors in the right locations create:

  • 83% more attention
  • 37% more retention
  • 62% more comprehension

which lead to an increased comfort that you're the right agent

Process Maps

Moment by moment your brain maps everything you're doing. Since that's how the brain works, 6th Sense Proposals map your agency's processes to educate your buyers how you work to:

  • Determine their risks
  • Get their quotes
  • Pay their claims
  • Service their accounts
  • Show the products you sell
  • Provide all the services they need from human resource consulting to COBRA counseling.
  • Know why they should buy from you through an Agency Selection Map

The more your buyer knows how you operate the more they trust you.


This page you're reading, like 6th Sense, is "chunked" for easy reading and understanding. Notice no paragraph is longer than what the brain can easily absorb.

The architecture of 6th Sense zooms past the short-term working memory into long-term memory. Again, when you get into long-term memory, you're perceived to bring more value.

When you go to make a phone call, you say the number to yourself. On the way to the phone, you're interrupted. That interruption causes you to forget the number. It got pushed out of short-term memory by the new information the interruption caused.

Get into long-term memory and get the order!

Decision making time

Since most sales aren't made at presentation time, when your buyer reviews your proposal at decision making time, their recall of your presentation will be more vivid than other presentations. The more they remember, the higher perceived value you bring. The higher perceived value you bring, the more you become the agent of choice.

Raises buyer expectations

6th Sense raises the bar in presenting. Your buyer now expects more out of any agent who follows you. Be the first in and lock up the order.

Be a rule breaker! Be a rule maker!

  • Van Gogh showed us how a flower should look.
  • Picasso showed us how a face should look.
  • Freud showed us how to treat the mentally ill.
  • Louis Pasteur showed us how to treat disease.
  • Dick Fosbury showed us how to high jump.
  • Hank Lusetti showed us how to shoot a basketball.
  • Pete Gogolak showed us how to kick a football.
  • Beethoven showed us how a symphony should be.
  • Henry Ford showed us how workers should be paid.
  • 6th Sense Proposals show us how a proposal should look.


Now take one of your business cards and on the back, draw "risk management." It's a term we frequently use. But, can you draw it? And, when you use it, can your buyers "see it" so they understand it?

Unless you paint word pictures that your buyers can "see" in their mind, they won't understand you.

And because people fear what they can't understand they will buy on price.

Don't continue to use your copycat, data-driven, boring proposal.

  • Empowers your buyer
  • Creates understanding
  • Is chunked
  • Shows your buyers what they are buying
  • Highlights your difference
  • Is visually driven
  • Educates your buyer
  • Starts to overcome price
  • Is dazzling with the right colors
  • Breaks the rules and makes new rules

6th Sense Proposals will:

...change the way agents think.

...change the way agents present.

...change the way clients feel about their insurance.

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